Ahad, 1 April 2012

Dam Quick MDS Royal

Model Tahun 1994 , Sederhana warna hitam dan emas terdapat MDS 2500, 3500 , 4500 dan 5500
Reel ini limited edition dengan Walnut Bbox dan model terakhir buatan Germany

D.A.M Quick Royal M.D.S.

Magnetic - Drag - System


The first of its kind!

M.D.S Drag System

D.A.M Engineering : Rigid mechanisms replaced by magnetic fields!

All conventional drag systems used for playing fish with fixed-spool reels are based on the principle of mechanical friction, ie. brake discs are pressed against each other. However, there is a fundamental law of physics which states that static friction requires more strength to be overcome than dynamic friction. This means that considerably more power is needed in order to move a static spool than to simply maintain its movement.

The Crucial moment!

When a fish suddenly races off, conventional friction drags are already set to maximum effectiveness - their braking power is considerably higher than the power that was actually determined and set by pulling out some line rather slowly. When using standard gear, this is not so important, but if you are using light, fragile tackle, your line will probably break as soon as your first big fish tries to break away.

What a difference the M.D.S. Magnetic Drag makes!

Magnetic drag power never changes. Your spool starts running very smoothly the moment there is a pull on the line. This effect is supported by a minimum-material spool that reduces the natural inertia even more. By the way, the spools' multi-hole design is common to all M.D.S. reels manufactured by D.A.M.

D.A.M. High Tech!

The special magnets serving as the reel's 'motor' have been moulded into a transparent and homogenous, heavy-duty material which is barely touched by the adjacent clutch disk. Only when high and maximum drag forces occur when using heavy tackle, is the highly sensitive drag tension supported by a fine-tunable friction-drag mechanism. This magnetic drag technology for fixed-spool reels is unique and provides our Quick Royal M.D.S. reel and our new Quick Exquisite M.D.S. series with reliable precision to ensure maximum safety and many hours of enjoyable fishing.

DE Pat. No 3543514

US Pat. No 4946115

GB Pat. No 2221003

Quick Royal M.D.S.

Magnetic Drag System

The world's first fixed-spool reel with a magnetic drag system! (Patent Pending)

You'll feel the difference as soon as the fight begins - and you'll love it! The Quick Royal's unique magnetic drag is unbelievably smooth and sensitive, and starts running without any jerking at all.

This means unbeatable safety when playing a fish - especially when using fine and extremely fine lines. The M.D.S. drag system cushions even the most unexpected and sudden runs - as smoothly and quietly as can be, with no jerking at all. A completely new fighting feeling!

Naturally, our D.A.M. engineers did not select a plastic housing when designing this world novelty; instead they used a salt water-resistant light metal for maximum longevity.

Many parts are 18 carat gold-plated or anodized for protection against salt water.

Art. No. 1165 425 1165 435 1165 440 1165 450 
Quick Royal 2500 3500 4500 5500 
Weight g 350 360 450 490 
Ratio 1 : 5.0 1 : 5.0 1 : 4.25 1 : 4.25 
Line retrieve cm 58 64 61 69 
Line capacity mm/m mm/m mm/m mm/m 
0.18 / 200 0.25 / 180 0.30 / 210 0.35 / 210 
0.20 / 150 0.30 / 130 0.35 / 160 0.40 / 180 
0.25 / 100 0.35 / 100 0.40 / 120 0.50 / 120 

Nothing but the best!

  • 4 precision steel ball-bearings for ultra-smooth running.
  • Dynamic light metal spool for long-distance casting with a push-button release.
  • Anti-Vibro A.V.S. system for full stabilization.
  • Smooth action screw gear made of bronze and steel for lifelong functionality.
  • Patented D.A.M. special lifting gear (Pat. DE 4035 846) for perfectly even line lay.
  • Large, hard-chromium-plated line pick-up with a heavy-duty PTFE bearing.
  • Pressure spring for bail arm adjustment (Long Life Spring System).
  • Quick Snap crank folding system.
  • Adjustable for right/left hand operation.
  • Disengageable, silent anti-reverse switch.
Good ideas from D.A.M. for more fishing pleasure and success!
The M.D.S. Drag System

The systems's special magnets are housed in a transparent, heavy-duty material which is barely touched by the adjacent clutch disk.

The red lines indicate the pathways of the magnetic fields.

The spool's hole pattern means that less material is used for construction of the reel, thus reducing the spool's natural inertia and supporting a perfectly smooth movement of the spool.